Aluminium Profile & Frame

We offer you Aluminium Profile and Frame that is best in quality, long lasting and affordable. It is especially suitable for cladding of various items like windows, doors etc. The Aluminium Profile and Frame range includes different profiles, products in aluminium as well as several processing options to keep your production costs low and increase your profits.

Sliding Solution

Does your kitchen drawer system seem to be a little on the loose side? Use our Sliding Solutions for a kitchen drawer that is both functional and efficient. We make our sliding drawer in several sizes for every kitchen.

Drawer channel

Get high quality Drawer channel from us at economical prices. Our Drawer channels are made to suit any drawer of the house and will last long for years.


We believe kitchen is the heart of home and every product of it should be unique and durable. Thats why we offer you high quality baskets to fit in your kitchen and other places.


Our self organizers are inspired by modern homes and its problems to store items in kitchen. These organizers can help you keep your items clutter free and at designated place for a clean home.

Corner solution

Corner solution is one of our high demand products. Organize your any corner with our Corner solution. It's a perfect fit for any of your kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Corner solution makes a lot of things easier by giving you the space you need to do them at one time.

Cabinet Concealed Hinges

Hinges are an important part of your cabinet. They hold the door securely in place, allow it to open and close, and keep the weight from crushing you. There are many different types of hinges available at Anup Exim, each with their own benefits.

Lift up Systems

Kitchen lift up systems are being used in almost every kitchen. A kitchen lift up system is often used to provide easier access to items stored on high shelves. We offer high quality lift ups without digging a hole in your pocket.

Wardrobe Accessories

Our Wardrobe Accessories are a perfect choice for anyone looking to step up their look wardrobe, whether at the office or home. We have a wide collection of accessories to give it a luxury touch.

Drawer lock

Drawers are very commonly used for storing clothes in a wardrobe, jewellery, or other valuable possessions. They can be tricky to lock and unlock if are not of good quality. We give you high quality drawer lock to secure your belongings.


Our wide variety of handles will let you find kitchen and kitchen pulls that are both unique and functional. Whether you're looking for a traditional-style pull, or something more modern with a sleek look and feel, we can help.

Exclusive Hook Rail

You may have realized that it can be quite difficult to organize your clothes or accessories when you don't have a designated spot for them. This Exclusive Hook Rail allows you to store your clothes, jackets and other crochet accessories neatly in one convenient place.

Bed fittings

Our bed fittings can be used in any bed. They fit any standard sized bed with a slatted headboard and top rail. No compromise in quality, quality check for international standards.