Fingerprint & Digital Furniture Locks

Keep your drawers and cabinets safe from prying fingers. It's efficient, easy to control and operates through fingerprint. Advanced security technology for an even more responsive and sensitive touch-based experience.

Fingerprint Digital Lock

Protect your home from unwanted visitors with a fingerprint access lock. Fingerprint access locks are highly efficient and easy to operate, requiring only one fingerprint to open the door.


The anti-theft technology comes with a digital password and key lock. This ensures that you can still operate the safe even if you have forgotten your PIN number. It also provides convenience and familiarity, letting you see the numbers so you can easily access them.


Our safe bolt is suited for wardrobes, furniture, cabinets, drawers, mail boxes and lockers. It is the largest and heaviest in its category when compared to all the other brands.

RFID Door Lock

You can unlock your Door lock from anywhere and anytime via your Mobile App. Simply generate an OTP and share it with your guests for one-time access to your home. This lock completely operates through mobile application.